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Make sure your marketing strategy reaches your target audience by unlocking the communication power of your network

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How it works

1Push technology makes it easy for organizations to share ready-to-post content with their networks to amplify their voice on social media

Pushed Content

It's not everyone's job to publish to social networks. Increase engagement rates by pushing ready-to-publish content directly to whatsapp.

No App Download Needed

People can join your network in less than a minute without having to download an app or to create an account.

Smart Customization

Create unique content for everyone in your network with our unique templating and AI technology.


Get a full reporting of who has published your content and see how your campaigns are performing on your users' social feeds.

1Push for your industry

Use case

Increase your sales and gain free inbound leads by empowering your salespeople on social media.

Use case

Create new sourcing channels by empowering your recruitment officers on linkedin and turning your employees into ambassadors.


Reach new customers by helping your distributors publish quality content about your brand on social networks.